We think our hangover patch is awesome.

But you don’t have to trust us – Listen to our satisfied customers:

 Michele Schlossberg, CHNC

“The Forget Hangovers Patch is an innovative and proactive product that helps prevent the depletion of Thiamine (B1) in the body while consuming alcohol. This patch is an ideal and effective way to deliver and replenish B1 at a time when it is normally being depleted. I highly recommend the Forget Hangover Patch, especially to my clients”



Shannon Kelly

I love the idea of a hangover patch-and this brand definitely works!!! Even better, they make great party favors in gift bags for bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays and other booze-filled events! Smartest invention ever 🙂



Sean Kelly

I used to say after a weekend of drinking and having fun”Im never drinking again”. This hangover patch has definitely helped me limit that saying.




 Matt Kelly

I used to have two kinds of days – hangover days and drunk days. Now I just have one kind of day. Thanks Hangover Patch!





 Kris Shannon

The hangover patch single handedly enabled me to consume excessive amounts of alcohol and be functional for 7 consecutive days and nights in Playa Del Carmen.





 Julius Terrel

Recently I went surfing for the first time and my friend had brought along these forget hangover patches. we went out the first night we got to the beach and we got hammered at the bar taking shots and drinking hard liquor. My friend woke me up at 6 a.m. to hit the waves and i thought there’s no way in hell i’ll be getting out of bed. But i got up, drank a glass of orange juice and i was ready to hit the beach. I kept the patch on while i tried surfing and by 11 a.m. I felt great and was ready to start drinking again. all i got to say is “patch up and surfs up”.



 Eddie Beckels

I usually feel really hungover after drinking a lot. I went skiing a little while back and my friend had given me a forget hangovers patch to wear since he knew i’d be spending most of the trip in the lodge drinking. Sure enough, after falling on my ass and running into a few trees I had to step off the slopes and start pounding some drinks to forget about the pain. When I woke up the next day I felt great except for a few bruises and some sore muscles. I will always wear the patch when i go out drinking from now on and hopefully they’ll come out with a patch that helps my skiing skills.



“Forget Hangovers is the only anti-hangover product that I use!  All the other products on the market are so much less convenient.  I love how with Forget Hangovers patches I just put one on, forget about it, have fun, and still feel good in the morning!”